Wine Gift Ideas for the Wedding Season

With Summer just around the corner, and the wedding season starting to boom, many are left with the predicament of what to buy the happy couple. Fed up of giving money, ornaments and items the couple no doubt, will never use?

 The situation becomes much easier if the couple like wine!

 Easy, a bottle of champagne it is.

 Congratulations, here’s your 99th bottle of Champagne today, stick it in the rack. It’s a lovely gift and you can certainly never have too many bottles, but we suggest levelling up your gift game this wedding season with Tanglewood.

The Full Package

Each Tanglewood Gift Set is tailored to a specific time in the wine journey, full of items to emphasise the user’s enjoyment and gain the most out of their current wine experience. If the couple in question have recently shown a liking to wine, or still finding their feet on their favourite styles, the ‘Begin Your Wine Journey’ Gift Set is for them. Full of useful tools and first time must haves for budding ‘wineos’ wanting to soak it all in. Contents feature items such as the L’Atelier Du Vin Bilame – a must have tool for removing fragile corks and the Jancis Robinson Collection ‘The Wine Glass’, a great alternative opposed to filling the cupboard with every ‘type’ of wine glass under the sun.

For the slightly more experienced wine drinker, those that have an understanding of their favourable styles, we recommend the ‘Aged Wine’, or ‘Young Wine’ Gift Set.  Designed to enhance different styles of wine, each item has been chosen for a more specific set of qualities. Opening and enjoying young and old wines are two very different ball games. The delicate nature of older bottles requires careful removal of the cork and often filtration into the decanter. The decanter and wine glass itself must have enough space to mature the wine off its sediment whilst ensuring it’s not over exposed to too much harmful oxygen.  Young wine on the other hand needs a reliable wine knife and a decanter that can give a helping hand to encourage oxygen.


 Everyone likes a personalised gift. All three Gift Sets can be purchased in a Personalised Case Rack. Made by hand, with a front design of choice, upgrading to a case rack is the ultimate gift.

 We all think we know our friends…

 You have been invited to a wedding because you are close to the couple. But, knowing they like wine is very different to knowing that they prefer Bordeaux over Burgundy. Unsure what to gift, but still don’t want to put a bottle on the gift table? We suggest a Tanglewood Gift Voucher. If in doubt, leave it to them to decide on their wine accessory...