Perceval SOMMELIER Wine Knife in Serpentwood


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Inspired by the XIXth century’s knives, the sommelier designed by l’Atelier Perceval, with its sleek and pure lines, innovates with its pinched toad, and an helical bit.

The materials used for the handle have been selected for their naturally long lifetime and the high-end steel chosen for the blade ensures an extremely sharp edge.

The 6 ellipsis custom-made bit helps the insertion into the cork.

To realize this handle, Atelier Perceval used the interior of oak wine barrels, from its winemaker friends.

Serpent wood, precious wood from French Guiana, grabs your attention with its unusual look, alternating hard and soft fibers. Once polished, its shiny appearance and smooth touch are unique, giving it a silky touch. 

Dimensions : 128mm x24mm x16mm

6 ellipsis helical bit : 45 mm

Single level worm

Rockwell hardness : blade 61 HRC, helical bit 57 HRC, worm 55HRC

Assembled with hammer nails

Handle : Serpentwood

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