Basement Wine Room Woodbridge

This arched ceiling space offers great original features such as stone flooring and open brickwork. The client requested a storage space for the wine collection. The basement wine room must offer optimum conditions for long term storage. Due to the location of the space, air conditioning would not be feasible. With that in mind, we designed a room with 8 ArteVino COSY's. These wine cabinets offer a suitable place to house ageing wine collection whilst additional racking provides a location for the more 'drinkable' bottles. To view the ArteVino COSY, click here.

To finish the wine room, joinery around the wine cabinets creates a worktop and tasting area and soft led lighting highlights the fridges below.

Location: Woodbridge, Suffolk

Date: 2020

Capacity: Approx 520 bottles

Cost: Approx £30,000 + VAT

Materials: Redwood