Vinicase Stone Wine Racks

Vinicase Racking

Vinicase stone wine racks are incredibly durable and great for high volume wine storage. Made from Burgundy stone, Vinicase is made up of individual 'bins', each varying in size.

Vinicase is a great option for a DIY wine cellar, or can be incorporated into a Tanglewood wine space, finished with joinery and cellar conditioning.

Vinicase is popular umongst wineries and wine merchants thanks to its robust properties. For maximum capacity of singular styles of wine, Vinicase Professional is a fantastic option. With large bins, Vineyards often opt for Vinicase Professional for their annual yeilds.

The Different Styles of Vinicase

Standard Vinicase

The versatility of individual bins allows the designer to create a space with varying size storage spaces. Modular measurements helps to visualise, calculate and design a wine rack to optimize the storage capacity.

Vinicase Professional

High capacity, double depth bins for the management of high volumes of single vintages. The weight and material composition of all Vinicase bins help form a thermal and hygrometric mass that is indispensable for proper wine storage and ageing.

Vinicase Rouge

The bold design of Vinicase Rouge certainly leaves a statement! The died Burgundy stone leaves a lasting impression without damaging or staining the bottle labels. Same great qualities as Standard and Professional Vinicase, with a vibrant finish.

The DIY Wine Cellar Solution

Thanks to the modular design, Vinicase is a fantastic product for using within your own DIY wine cellar. Made up of individual elements, Vinicase can fit into a range of different size spaces. Using the measurements of the space, draw out the design and calculate the capacity.

For help and measurements, contact us directly. At Tanglewood, we often use Vinicase in our Wine Spaces, for a completely bespoke wine room with joinery finish and cellar temperature control.

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