Vinicase Wine Racks

The most complete wine compartment system

  • Large Capacities
  • No Fixings Required (Ideal for tanked cellars)

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The Vinicase Wine Cellar Racking system can be tailored to suit your wine storage requirements.
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The Vinicase System

Without a doubt, the nesting principle of the elements is one of the strongest points of Vinicase. Extremely stable and scalable it optimizes your cellar. Produced based on the famous Comblanchien limestone it protects your wines against thermal and hygrometric shocks.


Vinicase wine racks are made exclusively of Comblanchien Limestone. Comblanchien, a small village located 15 Kilometres from the workshop between Nuits-St-Georges and Beaune, is famous for it's Particularly hard Burgundy stone. This stone, reduced to powder, is the only aggregate Vinicase utilize. Reconstructed stone is then made with the addition of a high-quality white cement. To obtain elements resistant to heavy loads, fibres are added and in certain cases a metal framework. The beige Burgundy limestone will give a special character to your cellar which can only be rendered by raw, noble natural stone.

Another less evident but important factor is that the wine, while ageing in your cellar, will surely benefit from these racks. This is because the material is highly dense which makes it a good thermal mass, therefore, insuring temperature and hygrometric stability around the bottles. The racks reinforce the advantages of your cellar and help to mitigate abrupt changes in temperature. Lastly, the stone is not altered by the cellar's natural humidity (wine adapts well to a rate close to 90%)


The unique shape of the Vinicase draws its inspiration from the old prestigious cellars in various wine-growing areas of France. The sobriety and perfect design of the vault and sides accentuate the character and atmosphere of the wine cellar.

Storage and Capacity

Vinicase is a storage system that allows for the best management of your wine cellar. The racks can accommodate all types of bottles. Half bottles, Champagne bottles and magnums will all fit without protruding.

The success of Vinicase is largely due to the possibilities it offers of single or double stacking of all types of bottles. This type of arrangement keeps the labels visible. Double stacking allows the bottle necks to be positioned in the middle of the rack. This arrangement, adopted by all wine professionals, effectively protects the narrowest section of bottles, the most sensitive to thermal shock, from temperature changes.

A small stick, which professionals use, allows for tighter double stacking thus optimizing storage capacity.

Bottle Stacking

Design and Installation

We offer a free of charge design service for the Vinicase system. In order to generate a design we will require a basic floor plan with measurements, including the ceiling height (s) where applicable.

If there are any pipes, sockets, skirting's etc where you are proposing to fit the racking, please indicate this on your drawings or in the covering email. We will then produce designs for each wall/area, indicating capacities and dimensions.

The Vinicase system can be installed anywhere - against a wall, freestanding in the middle of a room, under a staircase etc. It requires no fixing as the sheer weight of the bins ensures a secure, safe structure.

And... It looks beautiful!

The Elements

All elements are 430mm deep and 60mm thick.


Vinicase is easy to construct and dismantle. The system, consisting of up to fourteen elements, offers perfect stability and can be assembled without glue or cement. The versatility of Vinicase allows you to plan the layout of your own wine cellar. By measuring the dimensions of the area to be utilised you can easily assemble the components according to your own requirements.

Grids for Wine Racks

The wine racks can be closed off with a grid made of solid steel round bars set on a frame. Each grid is equipped with a lock and two keys. The bars are fixed on posts with the aid of screws and plugs. When the gate is closed the hinge folds over to hide the screw.


Some of the elements are very heavy and installation is a two man job.

We can offer an installation service if your property is located within a reasonable distance from our office in Surrey; Please contact us if you would like a quotation.

Access and distance to the cellar are very important and we may have to carry out a site survey, to give an accurate quote in certain circumstances.
Important Notes

The floor of the cellar must be level prior to installation and also be capable of bearing the weight of the racks.

You must have adequate space for the pallets to be stored on delivery and good access for the delivery vehicle, which is normally a 7.5 ton truck.

The specification of this racking may be modified without notice.

Download the Vinicase installation instructions