Luxury Gifts for Wine Lovers

Luxury Gifts for Wine Lovers

With Christmas fast approaching, we’re all on the lookout for the perfect gift. If you have family and friends who really love wine, then you’re certainly in the right place, as we have picked out some of our favourite wine storage options and other wine-related gifts that are ideal for your loved ones this Christmas.

Le Nez du Vin 54 Aromas - The Master Kit

Perfect for wine lovers looking to learn a little more about the world of wine and how to perfectly recognise the diverse and complex range of aromas and scents present in a fine glass of wine! With 54 aromas to learn, with the aid of the corresponding index cards and guidebooks, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a master of wine aromas; from the fruity to the floral.


Le Chai Single Temperature Wine Cabinet

With the capacity to hold 40 bottles, this wine cabinet is ideal for storing both red and white wines at a temperature that leaves them ready to serve. The perfect addition to a wine lover’s home, this cabinet is versatile in that it can either be installed underneath worktops or be left free-standing, making it the ideal choice for a home bar or kitchen. As well as making for a great gift, this cabinet can also come in handy during the run-up to Christmas and at New Year’s. If you are hosting a party for your friends and family, it will store more than enough wine for all, without taking up too much room.


90 Bottle Traditional Wine Rack

Expecting your friend or loved one to be getting a fair few bottles of wine gifted to them this Christmas? If the answer is yes, then it’s likely they will need a bit more storage space to keep all of these new bottles, alongside their existing collection! This traditional style wine rack is the perfect choice; with space for 90 bottles, it provides plenty of storage space for your wine. Plus, with five colour choices for the wood stain, this wine rack fits seamlessly into any room. Each of the slots is also able to hold standard-sized Champagne bottles, making this a versatile storage option for your whole collection of wine.


Winefit ONE Dispenser

Wine for one! This practical and compact device helps you pour a quality glass in a professional style! Allowing you to pour out a perfect portion, without overfilling or underfilling your glass, letting you sip on wine the way it should taste. For those only wanting to drink one glass of wine every now and then, the Winefit dispenser is certainly the way forward, as the Argon gas canisters help to keep the wine fresh for several weeks, making them a far better option for open bottles than the fridge!


Avintage 'Diva Evolution' Single Temperature Wine Cabinet

For someone who lives and breathes all things wine, you can’t get better than this wine cabinet from Avintage, offering up space for an incredible 294 bottles! With an adjustable temperature range, the cabinet can be customised to best suit your collection of wines. The perfect addition to a kitchen or dining room, this cabinet is ideal for wine lovers with a large number of bottles, but no room for a full-on cellar!


If you’re looking for a smaller gift or stocking filler for your wine-loving friends, then check out our last gift guide to get your Christmas shopping sorted!

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